God of War Ragnarok - Sanctuary Grove

I had the privilege of working on the path leading to Sanctuary Grove as well as the grove itself. A large part of my focus for the path was bringing everything to a final polish, including updating materials, set dressing, optimization, and more. For Sanctuary Grove, where our friend Chaurli is slumbering, I was able to bring things from an initial blockout to final polish. Lots of world building, material work, and set dressing love went into this area to capture the chilling feeling presented to players when they first lay eyes on Chaurli. I also had the opportunity to work on and polish the "Fimbulwinter-fication" of Freya's hut. Sanctuary Grove was one of my favorite areas of God of War (2018), and to be able to update the area and explore how Fimbulwinter affected it was a joy and honor.

This project was a massive group effort, with many people involved in every area's creation. A special thanks to our lead on this project, John Palamarchuk, who's guidance was unparalleled. Thank you to SMS and VKE for the opportunity to work on this title! Other notable folks I'd like to call out for this area include:

Additional Art: Aenok Oh, James Brisenhan, Annie Hsu, Cameron Kleven, Sady Fofana
Design: Farid El-Nemr, Andrew Chrysafidis
Lighting: Mario Wiechec, Marc Toscano
Collision: Riley Bufton, Ketul Majmudar
Effects: Nick Rudolph
Tech Art: Han Hunter

February 4, 2023